The price of financial freedom is eternal administration. Keeping yourself independent regarding income requires managing the resources and assets that allow such a situation. Making a budget is not enough. This realisation can be difficult for some people.

There are two areas where a financial planner in Geraldton can best assist you. The first is in self-managed superannuation funds. The second is in investment portfolios. These areas are excellent choices for generating independent wealth, but doing things yourself is perilous.

SMSF can give significant benefits to trustees. The caveat is that those beneficiaries must also do their part in maintaining the capital of the fund.

It is not legally allowed to delegate the management of an SMSF to another person or organisation. However, our team can still perform related support functions. This gives you more time to dedicate to managing the fund, as well as a source of advice on how best to do that.

Administrative services we can perform include compliance with applicable laws and do annual tax returns. We can also monitor the fund and keep an eye on member benefits.

For investment portfolios, an experienced financial planner in Geraldton is essential. Investment means things like funds, p[properties and direct shares. All of these can be overwhelming for the inexperienced or unaware.

Paperwork is going to be a huge part of this. Evert part of an investment portfolio comes with its paperwork and documentation. There are records for redemptions, contracts for purchases, and even dividend distribution.

Our investment planners can also assist you in creating your investment portfolio if you do not have one already.

The Financial Advisors Geraldton offers many services related to administration of a portfolio. We can facilitate buying and selling. We offer the option to automate the rebalancing or to provide year-end reports that are as detailed as you desire. We can do a market analysis.

Financial independence is entirely possible but requires a lot of work. If it looks like it will overwhelm you, call us for help.


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