When getting advice from our independent financial advisor, there is a process to follow.

We have designed the process to suit your goals better. The whole thing aims to let us get to know you and your goals first, to reduce the odds of suggesting something you will never even consider. Through this process, we provide a more structured, more personalised service.

Each step is interactive. We cultivate open communication with you, so you can always feel free to come in and have your say. We believe this helps deliver better results. It also lets us structure all financial advice to your needs and specific goals.

We begin with the initial consultation.

This is the meet and greets stage, where we conduct mostly talks and discussions. We want to know where you are, where you want to go, and anything you would not be comfortable with. We will discuss risk aversion, your preferences and assets, and help you understand things.

The goal here is to build a foundation. With a stable relationship, we can better serve you.

The second step is the building of the financial plan.

Our goal is to create a personalised strategy. We use a generic baseline and then add or remove options based on your preferences and goals. More than anything else, we aim to meet your objectives within the timeframe you desire.

Once the plan is in place, we present it to you for approval.

The project will seek to achieve your goal, whether it is financial freedom, a comfortable retirement, building an investment portfolio, or some other objective. Every step will be outlined, with a proposed timetable so we can track progress.

Once you’ve made your choice, our financial advisors and team will begin implementing your decisions.

From there, we conduct regular reviews and update you on the progress. If there is anything that should be changed, options will be presented so you can decide.


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