The Financial Advisors Geraldton has a few core beliefs that shape how we handle financial planning.

First, we believe that our services should be transparent.

Financial planning and investment can get complicated. We are not going to lie about that. This just means there is a benefit to clarity, to make things easy for a client to understand. We will take the time to explain terms to you, make sure you know what we mean when we say things.

We believe in aiding your ability to make decisions.

Knowledge is power. We want you to know how we are handling your money, and how to understand the terms and processes involved. We make an effort to educate you on the details, on the strategies. This lets you take a more active role, so every decision is informed and actually what you want.

We believe in giving our clients power, so they can feel that they are in charge of what is happening.

We believe in being transparent with our partners.

We do not hide information from you. The process is made as clear as possible, and you can ask any questions you think you should. We explain anything you are confused by, so you have an understanding of what is being done, along with how and why.

This transparency helps us achieve a bias-free service. Our financial planning is open for you to scrutinise yourself.

We believe in methodical, systematic, and holistic approaches.

Our independent financial advisor will consider every angle. We will do all the required research. We want to get a comprehensive look at your assets and liabilities before we make any plans. This way, we understand what strategies work best and how to mitigate any weaknesses.

We believe in quick action and updates. If we see an opportunity and the rewards outweigh the risks, we will happily inform you so you can make a choice yourself.

We believe that since this is your money, you should have a say. We consult you on your goals, your aversion to risk, and your situation. We offer you options to choose from, rather than making a choice for you. Our financial planning services are personalised to meet your goals.


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