Divorce is often characterised as unpleasant.

You have custody battles that can get emotional and painful. Arguments erupt over who should get what in the proceedings. Petty acts like changing locks on a home may occur. Of course, there is always the matter of money.

Divorce proceedings can have repercussions on a family emotionally and psychologically. It can also impact them financially, even if this can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Everything taken or lost during a divorce has an impact, and some feel this for years after the fact.

Don’t get lost or forget the important details. Having a financial advisor assist you and your lawyer in the proceedings can help mitigate some of the damage.

Our firm offers specialised financial planners and experts. They have extensive experience in dealing with divorces. We can get everything financial in order, ready to help you recover or prioritise.

Let our team navigate the finances. We can work alongside your legal team, making sure that any related terms are covered. This frees you up from having to deal with it yourself, except when making any major decisions. You have more time to brace for the emotional hit.

Our primary goal as an independent financial adviser is your understanding. We want you to know what is going on, what the terms mean, and make sound decisions based on that data. Right decisions at this stage can save you a headache after the divorce is complete.

We can help you understand the tax-related elements of the proceedings. We can help you decide what assets to keep or pursue, to remain financially viable even after the event.

We can also help after the proceedings. Our advisors can assist you in structuring your assets to generate a new cash flow after the divorce. If you need new insurance, a new will, estates, or even superannuation, we can provide valuable assistance.

Divorce is an emotional time. Emotional people make bad decisions. Let us help you by taking some of those important decisions and helping you make them rationally, in your long-term best interest.


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