First Home Buyers

Many people are nervous about buying their first home. It is an enormous financial commitment, and one that will define their financial state for years to come. You also have to decide where the home should be, and whether or not it is a wise investment for you to buy your first home.

You worry about the design. You concern yourself with how the layout will adjust as your family grows and new needs become apparent. You want to live in comfort in a friendly neighbourhood, where you can get away from the busy life you lead at work.

These are all important questions, things that can be difficult for a first-timer to answer.

However, there are many ways to address these issues your first time around. With help from experts, you can learn how to buy a house without paying out the nose. With help from our experts, you can navigate everything from stamp duty Geraldton to getting an excellent house and land package!

With help from the First Home Owners Grant, you can pay for a home in prime property just a little more than what you pay in rent every month.

Our help goes beyond advice. We can also connect you with builders and designers, allowing you to choose a look for your home that fits your budget and reflects what you want. With the First Home Owners Grant Act and our assistance, you’ll have the home of your dreams in no time.

High-quality designs at the best prices. You’ll have a home with access to great people, a quiet neighbourhood, and the best Geraldton has to offer in no time.


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A first home can be a huge investment, but also the fulfilment of a dream for many. Our aim is to help you not only find a block of land to build on but to learn the ins and outs of how this works. We can help you navigate everything, from listings to stamp duty Geraldton.

Here are things that you probably consider important. These are usually the things foremost in people’s minds when they find their first home. These are also part of our goal in serving you.

You want to have land that gives you superior value for money.

This is your first home, and you want it to feel right and home-like. It might not be perfect, but you want it to feel yours. At the same time, it is a lot of money, and you want to know that you are spending it well, not wasting it on something you’ll hate five years down the road.

You want someone who can help you navigate things.

Not everyone has the head for things like stamp duty, navigating the First Home Buyers Grant Geraldton, or reading through thousands of Homebuyers Centre Reviews. You want someone who will teach you how to navigate through all the information.

Now, you might be wondering: why Geraldton? Perth is a bigger city, so it seems like it would be a better choice for where to have your home.

To help you decide, here are some quick facts that can help you choose.

In Geraldton, the land is less expensive than in neighbouring cities, such as Perth. Moving to Geraldton can be a way to reduce your costs, simply because homes eat up less of your overall budget. This can make the difference between you renting and you choosing to buy now.

FHOG can help buyers, as well. The Act was meant to boost the construction industry by encouraging people like you to buy new homes. The Act provides a smaller amount – to the tune of $3,000 – if you purchase an established structure.

Compare that to the $10,000 you get if you decide to go with a new one. In many cases, the extra funds can make or break the decision. Government grants Geraldton can ease the financial burden significantly.

Finally, there is a chance that you may not need to pay stamp duty on any new home you purchase. With the right package and some help from our financial experts, you can avoid paying any stamp duties and only have to pay for the value of the land itself.

These factors make Geraldton much more investor and home buyer friendly than Perth. The difference in price is a deal maker in many cases.

There are two basic designs available for first home buyers Geraldton. Both take cues from Mediterranean-style coastal homes but furnished with the modern age in mind.

Both designs boast soft close cabinets and drawers, for both the kitchen and bathroom areas. The tapware has a five-year warranty, with a beautiful ceramic base. Brushed stainless steel switches to go with the LED lights, which will also carry their five-year warranty.

You also get stone-top benches. Finally, everything has polished chrome finishing, to give it a sleek and modern look and feel.

We have two three-bedroom designs. Both have garages, water closets, an alfresco area, and well-appointed dining rooms and kitchens. Everything you need to live in comfort along the coast.

One of our layouts has a study, perfect for someone who likes to get some reading done on the weekends or works from home. The other gives up the study in exchange for a much larger master suite, ideal for families who like to spend a lot of “together time” in one room.

Of course, if these aren’t what you want, we also offer various other designs. You can choose from any available layout, or talk to our designers to see about bringing your dream home to reality. All the while, our financial experts and budget planners help you figure out how to fund all of this.

All of this is available for reasonable prices, far lower than you’d expect in other markets. With our help and the First Home Owners Grant Act, all of this could be yours. You could be calling it home for yourself and your family, rather than sinking rent money into a property that belongs to someone else.

If you are considering buying your first home, don’t hesitate to call us. We want to help you make your dream home come true.

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