The need for redundancy is a sign of a negative financial state. For these situations, a financial advisor can prove essential for long-term income and survival.

First, remember that job redundancy does not reflect on you as a person. The task you once fulfilled is no longer required, but that does not invalidate the individual who performed it. You should not take it personally because it was not your fault. Things beyond your control did this, not anything you did.

There is an associated loss of confidence. A business action taken to cut costs can become a personal matter to the guy whose job was cut out from under him. The loss of confidence can hinder their ability to get a new job, to get back on their feet.

Our financial planners understand this. We want to help you get through this, to rebuild. We don’t just help you weather through the financial troubles, but also recover from the emotional impact.

We know that being retrenched is difficult. At this delicate time, a misstep could set you back for years. You need to seize control of your finances and stabilise them, but you also want to avoid making things worse. To help you do that and mitigate the risks, let financial advisors in Geraldton assist you.

We can protect your current assets and cash flow. Even when you are no longer employed, you can still rely on these. We can assess your liabilities and give you a better perspective on how to handle the debts and troubles that are coming.

Count on us to present a plan. We will help you get back on your feet.

We are ready to give you whatever help you need to recover from retrenchment. This is a difficult time, so call us to help make part of it easier.


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