If you have a superannuation fund, you have the option of self-managing it.

Self-management can be a great option if you know what you are doing. It helps you secure your future retirement income, while also helping you see the path being taken to achieve financial independence. However, as the term ‘self-managed’ implies, it means the weight of decision making is on you.

Not everyone understands how to run an SMSF. There are many ins and outs, little details that can make a huge difference when maximising assets or limiting liabilities. If you’re thinking to get help from an accountant, this would be a mistake. What you need is a financial planner.

Australian financial planners are allowed to give advice tied to specific assets or strategies when dealing with an SMSF.

The law does not permit accountants to recommend the disposal of interests in superannuation funds. Legally speaking, only a financial adviser can recommend that course of action and provide sound professional reasoning behind such a choice.

With our independent financial advisors in Geraldton, you never need to look far for advice. We can give you recommendations on investment strategies based on your preferences and situation. What works today may not work so well tomorrow, so we keep you abreast of any relevant changes.

Our adviser can help formulate new strategies if needed. We can also adjust existing features, such as contribution level.

You may want to join an existing SMSF. You could be looking to start your own. In both cases, we can provide the necessary information and assist your research. We can help you understand how these are established, how these funds operate, and how they are structured and valued.

An SMSF is a challenge, one that most people cannot handle alone. Call professionals to assist you at every critical juncture. Contact The Financial Advisors Geraldton today.


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